1 – Registration Fill in the form, give your name, phone number and your email.
2 – Download Download the app on your smartphone
3 – Activate the service Simply dial on your mobile:
To enable the free roaming mode : **004*Roaming activation code#
To disable the free roaming mode : # # 004 # Our roaming
activation codes FR mobile number : **004*+33 1 86 95 32 35#
4 – Using the service
      a) When you are abroad launch your application if you have a wifi network b) Activate our service : eg if your mobile operator is US , dial: **004*+13605195120# c) If you receive a call you can either pick up properly and pay the roaming or reject the call and the call is automatically switched to wifi in our app; you can answer without paying for the incoming calls !
    d) Free calls to 0800 French toll free numbers and USA toll free numbers – You can use prepaid calling card with 0800 acces in USA and France
e) Free phone calls between Roam Free Ready users just by calling their mobile number (ex: +33700500545) f) Free voicemail
- just dial 123 from your Roam Free Ready app
- you receve also a copy of your messages in your e-mail

5 – Is it free ?

Services and app are free.

Téléchargez le soft

Roam Free Ready app for iphone Fixe2mob app for android

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